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  • Curtis Rivers

Embracing Change: The Power of Letting Go.

I’ve been musing over change a lot lately. Encouraged by the season perhaps, as nature let’s go, and relaxes. It will be back for sure, in abundance, but for now it is letting go ready for its sleepy winter.

I find it hard to let go sometimes. It’s easy for me to get in my own way.

I seek change, improvements, an elevation of sorts in my life. Yet I sometimes forget to let go of the old, and to release my grip on the present; in order to allow my new dreams to take form, grow and gently make their way into my life.

An autumnal walk through the local woodland, reminds me of the impermanence of all things. Flowers have gone, leaves have dropped, trees fall in the gusting winds. But they’ll be back. It’s all part of the important cyclic nature of things. I ponder, if it’s worth bearing this in mind during challenging times - to remember that not many worldly things are forever. Just like the great times, the current challenges will soon fall away too, like the leaves. And be carried away on a breeze to become our distant past one day.

The reverse is true, of course. It’s certainly healthy to pause at certain times of the day, and take stock of all the good in our lives; for the people around us, even our environment, will not be forever.

With that in mind, as I plan new business ventures for next spring - I choose to lean into the notion of releasing, of letting go. By gently allowing the snows of my current phase to melt away, I make room for the ‘new and improved’ aspects headed my way in 2024.

And with the same certainty that slumbering snowdrops will erupt from the soil next spring, I allow myself that ‘tingle of excitement’ for the growth awaiting me next year.

Wishing You Peace and Abundance

Curtis Rivers

Author of the award winning book The Fearless Path

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