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When Turbulence is a GOOD Thing!

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

I was inspired to write this weeks short blog while flying over to Dubai on business this week. To be more precise, it was while taking off and climbing to cruise altitude.

You see, I was sat on the plane, waiting to taxi to the runway, with a cold glass of champagne, when I allowed myself to look beyond the cool, fizzing drink to the cold, rainy weather outside. I felt warm, cosy, and relaxed inside, as the rain lashed at the windows.

I was firstly reminded of how many people look for the bad in every situation, how people like to gather in staff rooms or huddle in groups when smoking outside, complaining about their boss, or their workload, or their spouse. Then these same people go home to that spouse, and complain about the boss, their workload - you get the picture.

I was seeing 'comfort' and 'luxury' but I could hear people complaining about the weather, and how bumpy the take-off was likely to be. I'm going to recommend that you avoid that kind of thinking. If you had any idea how much those thoughts were holding you back, you'd stop immediately.

I looked out of the window, and it was indeed grim. But to me, it didn't matter - I was comfortable and I was also excited - I love to visit different countries and get paid well to do so! I felt blessed!

A short while later, the aircraft took off and was buffeted a little by the wind, and drenched by the dark rain clouds that it pushed through regardless.

Within a few short minutes, beautiful sunshine glowed outside. It was hard to believe that we were in the same place as before, only a little elevated, as we circled to higher altitude to find our flight corridor.

I got to thinking about how similar this was to forming a new habit. When we are fed up with certain aspects of our life, be it health, wealth, our relationships, or anything else, our low frequency thoughts can make it feel like a permanent grey, rainy day.

When we dare to dream of wellness, of financial independence, of more fulfilling relationships, of a better career - we experience complete and utter fear.

This fear could be likened to an aircraft taking off during a thunder storm, with the thick grey clouds throwing gallons of water into its jet engines, and the turbulence throwing it around like a cork on the high seas.

This fear of the unknown, entirely in our minds, can cause severe panic. Like the anxious passenger who would want to get off the plane, or the rookie pilot who would put off the flight until the storm had passed.

And yet, like the clear skies and brilliant sunshine that greeted me just moments after take off this week, the dream is within reach the whole time. It exists at a slightly higher frequency of thought than the lesser thoughts of your normal waking life, and the lower frequency thoughts of worry, doubt, and anxiety.

Like the pilot of my plane, all you need to do it set the course clearly, accept that there will be a few bumps on the way up, and take action anyway. Take off. Hold the heading. With no option to turn back, you can only climb with an unwavering faith and determination, until you punch through the grey clouds of fear, to the warm, lofty sunshine of your accomplished worthy goals.

Wishing You Peace and Abundance

Curtis Rivers

Author of the award winning book 'The Fearless Path'

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