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For almost 20 years, Curtis has enjoyed presenting to schools, colleges, universities, and corporate settings the world over, to motivate, inspire and transform.


From London to New York, his bespoke talks on positive mindset, mental strength, risk aversion and fear management, inspire and transform the lives of many.


His audience's are drawn in quickly as he draws on his career as a two times world record breaking stuntman in the movies, backed up by three decades of psychological and holistic studies.

Kirstin Karu Testimonial for Inspirational Speaker Curtis Rivers
Julie Smith - Testimonial for Transformational Speaker Curtis Rivers

Other Testimonials:

“I had the great pleasure of meeting Curtis at a recent event, when he gave a very inspirational presentation on overcoming your fears.  I have to say that I found this to be not only interesting, but extremely useful and practical for my everyday life and also for use within my business.  We all have many challenges in life that we have to overcome and I will definitely be using the techniques that Curtis shared with us.  I can honestly say that I found the whole experience very rewarding.”


Mike Annett, Managing Director at C&M Confidential Ltd

“I had the pleasure of meeting Curtis at a workshop I was attending called 'Positivity through Change'.  Curtis gave an insightful talk about his career and useful tools he uses that can be adapted to others. 


Curtis had some great advise and was really inspirational. I hope to attend another seminar soon. 


Thank you Curtis I highly recommend you and the great work you are doing.”


Amisha Patel, Client Development Manager at Flow Training

“Curtis did a talk on conquering your fears which was very enjoyable and interesting to listen to.  When you know you're going to hear a stuntman talk, you immediately think you'll be listening to a cocky arrogant professional but the opposite is true - a man who is humble and honest - and has a lot to say about conquering your fears... 


I'd thoroughly recommend Curtis for any business looking to encourage their people to change the way they work and become more positive.”


Martyn Sheridan, Key Account Manager - Energy Solutions at E.ON UK

“I have attended a workshop where Curtis was a speaker. His presentation has been truly motivational and inspirational. It made me believe that anything is possible if you apply yourself and focus on your goals. His approach of making it happen is a great formula for success that is proven to work. I would highly recommend Curtis for any leadership events as he is an excellent motivational speaker.”


Renata Wood, Executive PA to Chief Executive of PMG

“I have had the pleasure of meeting and seeing Curtis in two ways. Firstly, in our conversation at the start of an event, where I found him to be engaging, thoughtful and authentic. He was also self effacing throughout, a character trait I find refreshing in today’s brash, cold, me, me, me, world. It was also a conversation that deepened quickly and easily and I found myself comfortable sharing my story and listening to his. Again, I found this unusual as all too often conversations in these settings are trivial and mundane, but because of his authenticity and willingness to listen, I felt Curtis was someone in whom I could trust. 


Secondly, and unknown to me at the time, was that Curtis was one of the two keynote speakers that day. So imagine my surprise, when he shared his schoolboy dreams of becoming a stuntman in a Bond film and holding Guinness World Records.  Was this the same person I had met a few hours earlier?


His presentation mirrored exactly the impression I had formed of him. It was engaging - he told a great story, he weaved in a mixture of images, words and video clips, and it certainly held our attention. It was thoughtful – this wasn’t just his story, it was one we could all relate to, this is not what happens externally, this is what happens to us, inside our heads and inside our hearts. It was authentic – Curtis shared every step of the way he takes part in a stunt, from the read-through of the script, the walk-through of the stunt, right through to the actual filming and review afterwards. It was self effacing – for someone with his experience, connections and who works every day with celebrities, Curtis kept it real.  It was obvious he is not over-awed by it all.


Finally, he was also able to distil his message down into three simple steps for us to take action upon straight away. Overall, a first class speaker for a whole range of audiences.”


Colin D Smith, The Listener

I wanted to thank you Curtis...the whole evening was a great success and you made a real impact. You really made the evening something to remember... I know they appreciated it and it will be something that they will remember for a long time to come.

Your presentation was pitched perfectly and really inspired the group. They’ve been talking about it ever since... I really hope that we can do more together in the future; I think you have an awful lot to offer.”

Gareth Thomas – Regional Team Leader for Skill Force.

"Curtis was a really fantastic complete awe of his fantastic credentials and loved the presentation he put together. He was incredibly patient, kind and informative when speaking...and made the talk really exciting. We are incredibly grateful for him taking the time to visit - and putting so much effort and preparation into the presentation."

Penny Taylor, Event Coordinator - National Film Club, London.

Other Testimonials Available Upon Request.

Motivational Speaker Curtis Rivers talking in California.
Motivational Speaker Curtis Rivers talking in London.
Motivational Speaker Curtis Rivers talking at Canary Wharf London
Mike Annett - Testimonial for Inspirational Speaker Curtis Rivers
Amisha Patel - Testimonial for Motivational Speaker Curtis Rivers
Martyn Sheridan - Testimonial for Transformational Speaker Curtis Rivers
Renata Wood - Testimonial for Inspirational Speaker Curtis Rivers
Testimonial for Motivational Inspirational Transformational Speaker Curtis Rivers
Gareth Thomas Testimonial for Inspirational Speaker Curtis Rivers
Penny Taylor of National Film Clubs Testimonial on Testimonial for Motivational Inspirational Transformational Speaker Curtis Rivers
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