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The Book

Curtis wrote The Fearless Path to help his readers subtly shift fear based programming being held unknowingly in their subconscious minds.


Combining his expertise in addressing fear as a movie stuntman, with his training in NLP and other mind sciences, he's written a unique book that has helped countless people to live their life with purpose.

"The Best book ever! "The Fearless Path" has got to be the most inspirational, enlightening, adventurous book I've ever read. Thank you Curtis for this wonderful gift to us all."


Loot Smith, USA (

"A certain must read. This book has got to be one of the best to date , I couldn't put it down, the details to the story set my imagination alive.  Well done Curtis and thank you - I see things a lot more clear and life is great. A recommend to all."


Jason L, UK (

"Couldn't recommend this book more - it has set my thoughts in motion. A very good read”


Karen (Twitter)

“Thank you for your amazing book. I am truly grateful for all your advice and words… Captivated and truly inspired by this heartfelt book…”


Paula, Canada (Instagram)

"A really enjoyable read... Curtis truly wants to help the reader lift their expectations and overcome their limitations and does so in a very understated, humorous and humble manner."


Mr T Halloran (

"An inspiring read... a great journey shared with a visionary narrator who knows how to take action."


Mr N Quinn, Thailand (

"A thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish... the way the author narrates his tale in his laid back manner, keeps you drawn in to his every word - it makes the book impossible to put down for wanting to find out what happened next!!

I found the book inspiring and informative and at times very amusing! It was easy to read, easy to follow and hard to put down!  Well done Curtis. Thank you!!"


Paul, England (

Once in a long while, a new book comes along that literally changes lives.  This is that book.

Cover Photo of The Fearless Path What a Movie Stuntmans Spiritual Awakening Can Teach You About Success
Amazon Number One Best Seller
Readers Favourtie Five Star Award
The Fearless Path Amazon Customer Reviews 5 out of 5
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